Quick Mill Monza Deluxe Codes

Quick Mill Monza Deluxe Codes

I’ve had a couple questions about how to reset the Monza Deluxe.

Those Italians really need to stick to making sports cars, because they really stink at designing intuitive, easy to use menus.


The first thing I found humorous is that all the codes are expressed as a string of numbers (e.g. 35356), but guess what?  There’s not a single number on the machine.  So, you think to yourself, well, surly they’ve used some common sense when mapping the buttons to numbers.  Not so.  Here’s the magic decoder ring:


So, here are the codes I know:

Reset Monza To Factory Settings

  1. Turn power switch off
  2. Hold down 2 & 3 and turn the machine on
  3. Keep holding the buttons for a few seconds.
  4. The machine is now reset to factory settings

Access To Monza Technical Menu

  1. Access Menu System And Navigate To “Technical” Menu (Menu 7 I think)
  2. Monza will prompt for a code
  3. Enter:  43223
  4. Browse the Technical Menu and change what you want.
  5. Good luck 😉 

Well, that’s all I know for the Monza Codes.  Good luck!

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