North Carolina’s Outer Banks

North Carolina’s Outer Banks

For the second time in as many years, Hilary attended the University of North Carolina Goalkeepers camp in Chapel Hill, NC. Theresa and I take this opportunity to visit places around North Carolina we would otherwise likely never see. Last year we went West. This year we head East to the Outer Banks; specifically, Corolla, NC.

It’s not a short trip. At first I didn’t believe the often wrong GPS installed in our bottom of the line rental car. I mean there’s no way it could possible take five and a half hours. It’s only 255 miles. What the maps don’t tell you is that the last 50 miles are at 25-35 MPH through tourist traps like Kill Devil and Duck. Don’t get me wrong, Corolla is just as big of a tourist trap, it’s just the Northern most tourist trap on the Outer Banks. It took every bit of five and a half hours.

Theresa had made reservations at a resort in Corolla, NC called “The Inn At Corolla Light.” Corolla Light refers to the lighthouse that stands less than a half mile to the north. Everything is expensive in the Outer Banks. Rooms run from $260 on up for an evening. I wasn’t too surprised when I learned our room was $350/night, but I figured what-the-heck, it’s a resort with activities, bikes, indoor/outdoor pool, hot tub, and breakfast. All listed on the Inn At Corolla Light’s website.

First off let me just say the Inn At Corolla Light is no resort. It is an older building that very much shows its age. It is wildly over priced, and the advertising is misleading at best and flirts with outright lies.

We arrived at about 5:30PM on a Friday. The Inn was easy to find with a large sign on the left side of road. We had difficulty locating the office, however, due to the abundance of signs advertising “Bob’s Wild Horse Tours” and “Jeep Rentals.” Once located, it was a quick trip to the second level to the office where we were greeted by the office staff. Checkin was painless taking less than ten minutes.

The gentleman that checked us in resembled a cross between The Skipper from Gilligan’s Island and John Goodman. He took the time to show us where breakfast is served from 8-10AM, where the complementary bicycles are (only for those over 18), and where we could find the ticket office for “Bob’s Wild Horse Tours.” He mentioned that the breakfast was complementary and in his words “is a pretty good breakfast.” He also took the time to recommend a couple places for dinner.  The first was Uncle Ike’s which he described as a fine dining establishment with the best crab cakes in the area. The second was a bar and grill located in the same area as Uncle Ike’s, with great food but very loud

We opted for Uncle Ike’s and we were not disappointed.

We headed to our room, #37, The Brindley Suite. The Brindley Suite is large with views of the IMG_3722sound to the West and overlooks the pool to the South. There’s a large king sized bed, small kitchen, eating area, and small sitting area with a fireplace. The bathroom is large with a combined jetted tub and shower. The room is clean but desperately in need of maintenance. It’s not what I would expect from a “resort” charging $350/night. The paint on the otherwise beautiful wainscoting is dinghy and marked. Cobwebs cover the ceilings, and the bathroom caulking needs replacing.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing really wrong with the Inn At Corolla Light that a few days of cleaning and painting can’t fix. The location is wonderful, and the people couldn’t be more friendly.

A continental breakfast is included with your stay and is served in a spacious room next to the office. The breakfast is nothing special: bagels, OJ, instant oatmeal, and cold cereal. The one hot item on the breakfast bar was a small silver platter containing these hot dog like things. They weren’t sausage and they weren’t really hot dogs, rather something in-between. The weenies were served with some kind of brown mustard, and they were quite good.

All-in-all, it was an enjoyable trip to The Inn At Corolla Light. The place needs some work, but I’ve stayed in worse… much worse.

If I ever go back to the outer banks, I would consider another stay, but who knows, I may stay in Duck!

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