Year In Photos Archive

  • Colorado Storm 97 Black

    Colorado Storm 97 Black

  • Dinner At Red Robin

    Dinner At Red Robin

    Another two sacks by the Broncos means BOGO at Red Robin.
  • Halloween Party

    Halloween Party

    Headed to the AMERGINT Halloween Party. I can’t believe I’m actually fraternizing with a ghost ūüėČ
  • Real Tournament, Day Three

    Real Tournament, Day Three

    I had some great games during the tournament and worked with some very good youth referees. Hilary’s team played very...
  • No Mouse In The House

    No Mouse In The House

    After using a mouse for the past 20 years, I’ve decided to go mouse-less. ¬†I love using the trackpad on...
  • A New Year, A New Room

    A New Year, A New Room

    It’s been a long time coming, but we finally finished. ¬†Several years ago, Theresa spotted a set of bookcases at...
  • New Year’sEve

    New Year’sEve

    New Year’s Eve is always a fun time. ¬†Getting together with friends and family is always enjoyable. ¬†Tonight is our...
  • Dog Day

    Dog Day

    Not much going on today.  Took Lola for a walk, went furniture shopping.  At least Lola enjoyed the walk.  Sometimes I wonder...
  • Anniversary


    Today is our 28th wedding anniversary. ¬†We’re celebrating by heading to Cafe Tera Cotta in Littleton for a nice dinner....
  • Not Much Getting Done

    Not Much Getting Done

    Not much getting done today. ¬†Watched a bit of TV and walked the dog. ¬†Lola’s expression kinda sums up the...
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